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At Go Retread, our rasps are meticulously designed with our customers in mind. We actively listen to deeply understand their needs, envisioning the ideal tool that effectively addresses their technical and economic challenges. This commitment is at the heart of our daily efforts, where our passionate team dedicates itself to crafting the finest abrasive tools for tire retreaders.

  • Reliability: Our production processes are meticulously defined, incorporating regular quality control measures. Defects in fully finished products are nearly nonexistent, ensuring consistent performance and safety at both the tool and retreading plant levels.

  • Durability and Abrasivity: Our rasps stand out for their exceptional robustness and extended lifespan, objectives which are achieved through a multifactorial design and the utilization of refined, quality-controlled materials. Key elements, including superior-quality grits and proprietary in-house alloys, significantly contribute to the overall robustness and durability of our rasps. Other factors such as effective heat dissipation, advanced cooling mechanisms, and self-cleaning features are also meticulously considered to further enhance the tool's durability.

  • Ergonomics: Go Retread rasps are crafted to provide an exceptional user-friendly tooling experience. The adapted weight and abrasive power are designed to minimize physical effort during buffing operations. The durability and robustness of our wheels contribute to a low turnover, enhancing overall user satisfaction. Our production processes are modern and customizable at need to better serve market evolution and reach optimal customers satisfaction.

  • High Value - Competitiveness: Our mission is clear – to produce state-of-the-art wheels that outperform market prices. Over the last decade, Go Retread has emerged as a key player through strategic sourcing, modern production processes and a company culture that prioritizes employee satisfaction and progressiveness. With an unwavering dedication, we are committed to advancing our high-value rasps for industry resellers, international brands, and tire retreaders into the future.

Ready to elevate your business with the exceptional performance of Go Retread rasps? Explore our product catalog today or get in touch with us to discuss how our top-tier abrasive tools can elevate your tire retreading processes. Your satisfaction and success are our priorities.

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