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Go Retread is a Singaporean company specializing in designing and maufacturing high-end abrasives for tire retreading and repair. We collaborate with key players in the global tire industry, raw materials producers and the tool industry.
We participate positively to the tire recycling industry providing 

  • recycled premium raw materials for quality abrasive tools and the metallurgic expertise associated

  • an extensive range of state-of-the-art, oxides-free, ergonomic rasps

  • innovation by developing new rasps with more performing coatings for better retreads

  • licensing services to develop locally performant tools 

Our prime field of expertise of our engineering team lies in the metallurgy of ultra-hard materials: refractory metals, ceramics, and technical alloys. Our company is particularly esteemed for it's cumulated knowledge in tungsten ceramics metallurgy. We have successfully developed groundbreaking processes and various technical in-house alloys to meet diverse technical needs, utilizing only highly refined and quality-controlled raw materials.
Our success is indebted to the invaluable collaboration with our tire industry partners and customers. Over the past decade, their support and insights have been pivotal in understanding technical challenges that face the retreading industry and it's needs. This collective knowledge form the foundation of Go Retread's position as a technical leader in retreading abrasives, driving advancements in the tools industry and delivering cutting-edge rubber abrasive solutions. 

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